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landscape design

Professional Landscaping in Port Washington, WI

Residential Landscape Design Services

You spend most of your time in your house and outdoor spaces. When you enhance how those spaces look, function, and fit your personality, it allows for a much better quality of life.

So, your landscape design shouldn’t just be a beautiful addition to your home; it should also bring you joy and provide long-term function and sustainability. At ASAP Earth, it is our goal to help you solidify and enhance your design vision.

The landscape surrounding your home should be a natural extension of your indoor space. Designing the best landscaping for your front and backyard is also dependent on property size, irrigation, intended use, personal taste, and preferred privacy. At ASAP Earth, we offer several interchangeable service options for both areas, such as these.


Front yard landscape design:

  • Shrubs, trees, or plants

  • Decorative flowers

  • Lighting installation

  • Bedding and mulch

  • Stonework or pavers


Backyard landscape design:

  • Fountains or ponds

  • Patios or decks

  • Fence installation

  • Retaining walls

  • Garden and vegetation


Our landscape designers will help you balance color, function, care requirements, and layout with these service options. Whether you’re completely new to the creative landscape design process or you have some experience, we will help you transform your idea into the real thing—and a beautiful thing it will be.


ASAP Earth also offers landscape remodeling services on existing landscapes. If your current landscape isn’t producing quite the right effect, consider adding in new garden beds, water features, retaining walls, and more. Along those lines, we can also remove any existing features that aren’t the right fit for your home anymore. Our team works closely with our customers to provide the necessary landscape changes needed to make you fall in love with your property again.

The Landscape Design Process

After a site visit, we’ll begin with a concept plan. This is a basic drawing or plan containing only the key details that will help you understand the footprint.

This plan considers certain variables, such as:

  • Scale

  • Contrast

  • Contour


To make sure that your design fits your overall goals and vision, our team will consult with you about:

  • Short- and long-term goals

  • Personal style preferences

  • Purpose and functionality

  • Budget

  • Potential maintenance

  • Affected structures and existing landscapes


What ASAP Earth Does Differently

More than most other local experts, our landscape designers care about fitting your ideal design to your environment and lifestyle. We factor in natural growth expectations, natural shading and lighting, soil quality, and the technical layout such as property lines, piping, wiring, and stationary objects.

ASAP Earth will then help you visualize design options and factor in removals, installations, and long-term landscaping maintenance like mulching and weed control. Every aspect of your improved landscape design will be catered to your needs and fully approved by you before any construction begins.

Speaking of construction—we also offer full-service landscaping installation services!

Landscape Remodeling Services

Find Landscape Designers Near Me

Your yard matters just as much as your indoor space, and it should be just as comfortable and lovely. Let ASAP Earth help you design your perfect landscape. Reach out to us at (262)685-1447.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a landscape designer worth it?

A landscape designer will be able to design a beautiful outdoor space for you while factoring in long-term function. They will consider your needs as well as how design options may impact your home and daily routine. Professionals also have the best quality tools and techniques to ensure excellent results.

What is a sustainable landscape design?

Sustainable landscape design prioritizes minimal environmental impact by working around the existing landscape and encouraging long-term self-sustainability. This can include cultivating a better habitat for wildlife (planting native grasses and plants), installing environmentally friendly systems (rainwater capture), and reducing and reusing natural resources (eco-friendly gravel, granite, and compost).

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