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Seeding a lawn

Lawn Seeding Services in Port Washington, WI

Planting the right grass seed is crucial for achieving a verdant lawn, and Asap Earth Landscaping & Lawn stands as your go-to authority for seeding new lawns locally. Whether you're looking to seed in spring, summer, or fall, our experts are just a call away, ready to guide you through each step.

In addition to initial seeding, we provide specialized overseeding services within our lawn maintenance packages. Overseeding is an effective way to enhance your lawn's density, covering bare patches and cultivating a robust turf that withstands traffic, holds moisture, and has a barrier to block evasive plant species. 

Lawn Seeding

When it's time for a fresh start with a new lawn, remember, grass seeds aren't all the same. Here at Asap Earth, we kick things off by guiding you to the perfect seed variety that suits your area's climate, your soil's specific needs, and your turf preferences. After choosing the right seed, we'll get down to business by prepping the ground, spreading the seed evenly, and following up with just the right amount of fertilizer—all according to the gold standard of lawn care practices. And we won't just leave you hanging; we'll give you all the tips you need for watering your soon-to-sprout lawn.

Lawn Overseeding

Overseeding is key for fixing up those thin spots or making your whole lawn thicker. Doing it in spring or fall is best because that's when the seeds can really take root without all the stress from people walking around, not enough rain, or bugs. We offer overseeding in these seasons, and it goes great with our aeration services. Why? Because the aeration makes little holes that give seeds the ideal place to start growing.

Professional Lawn Seeding and Overseeding

Fed up with bare spots or thin areas on your lawn? Turn to the pros at ASAP Earth Landscaping & Lawn for top-notch lawn seeding and overseeding services to get your grass back to its glory. Paired with our comprehensive lawn maintenance offerings, our seeding and overseeding take a full-circle approach to lawn care. Kick off your journey to a great looking lawn by requesting a free job estimate or dialing us at (262)-685-1447!

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