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Salting Service

Salting Services for Homeowners in Port Washington & Grafton, WI.

Residential Salting

During cold weather ice can accumulate quickly on walkways, ramps, a driveway, deck, patio, and on the steps leading up to your home. This creates a potentially hazardous situation for anyone trying to access these areas. Preventing the accumulation of ice in these areas can help reduce the risk of serious injury due to a slip and fall.

To clear these areas and keep them accessible during cold weather, entrust ASAP Earth for residential salting and sanding services. Our crews carefully monitor weather conditions and can apply salt, sand, or a combination of both before, during and after a winter storm to effectively reduce the slip and fall potential in areas where people walk, drive, and park.

Initial Evaluation

We start your ice management service prior to the arrival of precipitation. We come to your home in advance to identify the areas where ice could accumulate and create a hazardous situation. This ensures that your family, friends, and guests are kept safe, and the exterior of your property is maintained.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

We start with the safety of your family and guests. We consider how they will navigate your property by both car and foot. We also evaluate exterior areas that are accessible such as a deck and/or patio. To ensure a safe environment we perform the following:

  • Keep entrances, walking paths, common areas and driving lanes salted and/or sanded

  • Monitor the condition of high traffic areas to ensure safe access

  • Promptly address icy conditions to keep your property accessible in cold weather


An application of salt (sodium chloride) is used on walkways, driveways and other traffic areas to lower the freezing point and provide safer conditions. Based on weather conditions and the forecast we will apply this treatment in advance (up to 48 hours ahead of bad weather), and/or immediately after a storm. However, if the accumulation of ice is too thick, we may utilize other de-icing methods to address certain areas.

Liquid Salt

An application of salt brine can also be applied as a pre or anti-icing treatment as needed. When temperatures fall below 23 degrees, calcium or magnesium chloride may be added to lower the freezing point of the surface that is being treated. This application can also be applied post plowing to minimize the use of rock salt, which can react to surfaces.

Get Your Free Estimate

ASAP Earth can help reduce the risk of an accident on your property during winter weather. Our salting services can help make the exterior of your home safe throughout the winter.  To learn more give us a call at (262)-685-1447 or schedule a free estimate online.

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