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Snow clearing property

Snow Clearing Service

Residential Snow Removal

Winter conditions often lead to snow piling up on walkways, handicap ramps, driveways, decks, porches, and patios, restricting access to your home and creating potential safety hazards. Clearing snow from these critical areas is essential for reducing injury risks and ensuring easy access.

For efficient removal and maintenance of clear, accessible paths around your home following winter storms, rely on ASAP Earth's residential snow clearing services. Our teams stay ahead of the weather, ready to respond and remove snow from your property swiftly, ensuring safety and accessibility throughout the winter season.

Initial Assessment

Our snow clearing service begins before the storm hits. We visit your home ahead of time to pinpoint potential snow accumulation spots that could pose hazards. Our planning includes strategizing where to relocate the snow once removed, ensuring it doesn't obstruct driveways, walkways, doorways, or other critical areas. This proactive approach guarantees that your family, friends, and guests can navigate your property safely and with ease, keeping the exterior of your home well-maintained and accessible.

Ensuring a Secure and Safe Setting

Prioritizing the safety of your family and guests, we meticulously plan for their movement around your property, whether by vehicle or on foot, including access to exterior areas like decks and patios. To maintain a secure environment, our approach includes:

  • Ensuring entrances, walkways, common areas, and driveways remain free from snow.

  • Swiftly clearing any snow accumulation in areas of high foot traffic.

  • Strategically relocating snow away from frequently used spaces, maintaining easy access across your property during cold weather.

The Snow Clearing Process

To efficiently remove snow from high-traffic areas around your home, we employ both shovels and snow blowers, taking utmost care to protect your landscaping, as well as surfaces like brick, pavers, stamped concrete, and natural stone from damage. Leveraging our initial assessment, we strategically relocate snow to predetermined locations to avoid obstructing access to utilities, fire hydrants, or vehicles, and to ensure safe pathways for people and pets.

Our meticulous snow clearing approach includes avoiding the accumulation of snow near your home or other structures, ensuring exhaust vents remain uncovered for proper functioning, and keeping drains clear for effective melting water drainage. Additionally, we make certain that house numbers stay visible from the street, facilitating easy location by emergency services if necessary.

Get Your Free Estimate

Winter storms might bring challenges, but they shouldn't trap you inside your home waiting for the thaw. When the cold season hits, reach out to ASAP Earth. Our snow clearing services are designed to ensure your home remains accessible all winter long. Interested in keeping your pathways clear and safe?


Give us a call at (262)-685-1447 or book a free estimate online to discover more about how we can help you this winter.

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